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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are live in oakland where arson investigators are calling an early morning fire with children's hospital suspicious. >> our spring rain continues. not a bad little system here. a third of an inch in san francisco. so will this be it and will we still warm up on the weekend and is there another system on the way. >> investigates the mass shooting at fort hood. the new focus as investigators pinpoint what could have caused the gunman to open fire. >> paying more to drive across the golden gate bridge. how much more you will have to pay starting monday. the morning news continues. good morning.
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here's a live look at highway 24 in lafayette. it will be a wet morning commute out there as more rain rolling through the bay area. i know i definitely use the wipers. early on. steve says it's moved through some of the areas. we will check with him in just a second. it is friday, april 4th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. give yourself extra time and grab an umbrella. let's check weather. steve is over there. >> i got your idea about blue but you guys are wearing aqua blue. we have our system coming in and it's not too bad. my goodness. a lot of reports of pouring out here and that has been anywhere from oakland, san francisco down to fremont. a little rumble of thunder reported by rusty near hercules. it looks like things are pushing east. eastern parts of clear lake, lake county and also into napa county. calming down over most of sonoma county. it looks like a little bit of rain. there is a bigger cell. it looks like a little bit
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better activity. and also in the east bay. black hawk. san ramon. danville over to livermore. you can see over there on the radar return. and also east san jose. so on the backside of that it looks like some clearing or at least some calming down taking place. but there is still rain oakland back over top san francisco which has picked up .34. south san francisco and san mateo and also half-moon bay so we are not done yet. 40s and 50s on your temps. a little cool out there. but there will be clearing. this is definitely a morning system for probably another hour or two. and then i would think things will push east pretty fast here. a little cooler. afternoon clearing. 50s and low to mid 60s. here is sal. steve right now we have wet roads and that means slower traffic in many areas. and at the bay bridge metering lights are on.
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system system bridge crossing that span. a little bit of moderately heavy traffic across that span. more drive times highway 24 westbound from pleasant hill road to the caldecott eight minutes. 880 from 238 to heading south. time 11 minutes there. let's go back to the desk. an early morning fire has destroy part of an office building. the building just a few blocks from the hospital. you are getting a closer look now. we probably won't know the official cause of the fire until later on this morning. this is roped off and we can get a little better view of the
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damage here live. this fire broke out around 3:00 this morning. it was odd. it broke out on the outside of the building where there is no electrical. investigators think that is suspicious. the building houses offices for children's hospital of oakland. luckily no one was inside when the fire started. by the came crews arrived the fire shot up the backside of the home. >> we made an attack on the exterior. knocked it. got a good knock on it. made entry to check for extensions and it was mostly to the attic and exterior walls and the roof. >> the fire captain estimates $150,000 damage to the building. chinos hospital is not officially commenting. people work in these offices so obviously they will have to work somewhere else until the building can be fixed. live in oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> bond is set at $1 million
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for a cub scout leader who is accused of being a child molester. franklin lee was arrested last friday by santa rosa police. a boy who is almost 18 years old claimed lee sexually abused him for almost four years before he turned 14. the alleged victim was not a cub scout but his brother tells ktvu news the family trusted lee and considered him a close friend. >> my entire family thought he was a good guy and liked working with children. >> the boy scouts ejected lee. lee has two stepchildren. he worked with boys ranging in age from 6-18. disgraced former san francisco supervisor is expected to surrender to authorities. now this time he's headed to county jail top serve a sentence for perjury for lying about where he lived when he
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ran for supervisor in 2006. now jew has already served five years in federal prison for a scandal during his first year in office. meantime a key figure in the leland yee corruption scandal is in jail. this is keith jackson leaving jail this oakland last night. he has been in jail since last wednesday facing drug and weapons charges. there is one major condition for his releases. jackson is banned from contacting his son brandon who is also a codefendant. >> that is temporary as the judge said. at least we can come back in age chain that. he wants to see how it goes. >> he is now his codefendant on political corruption charges. time is 6:06. now to our continuing coverage of wednesday's mass shooting of the fort hood army base in
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texas. investigators this morning still looking for a motive behind the attack. for army specialist ivan lopez killed three people, wounded 16 others and then killed himself. but it looks like mental problems drove him to kill. there is a strong possibility lopez argued with at least one soldier before wednesday's shooting. lopez had a clean military record but he was taking antidepression sents. and he was being test for post- traumatic stress disorder. >> we have strong evidence that he had a medical history that indicates psychiatric condition. >> lopez did not see combat while he was deployed in iraq back in 2011. investigators are checking his computer files, his home, and they are questioning his wife. so far there is no sign he targeted specific people.
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the city of san francisco hopes to take hundreds of firearms off the streets -- turned in at past events. the buy back is sponsored by church groups, city supervisors and mayor ed lee. he says the prom is part of a public safety strategy. $100 will be paid for a gun that turned in. $200 for an assault weapon. now there ask a limit of five firearms per person. they have to be unloaded and in working condition. a funeral will be held today for a u.s. marine killed in a suspected drunk driving crash in fremont. 23-year-old andrew silva had just returned home from a tour of duty in afghanistan when he was killed last week. he was riding his motorcycle near fremont boulevard when he was hit. now a memorial continues to grow at that intersection and a
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funeral will be held at st. ann catholic church. a damaging new report has surfaced at dodgers stadium. brian sow suffered severe brain damage when he was beaten three years ago by two dodger fans in the parking lot of dodgers stadium on opening day. sow's lawyer found a report put together by major league baseball. it refers to a culture of a think and indifference. sow's lawyer wants to use that report for the former dodgers owner frank mccourt. back here at home get ready to pay more money to drive across the goalen gate bridge. the tolls are going upstarting monday. ktvu brian flores is joining us live from the toll plaza to tell us how deep you will have to get and why is it going up?
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good morning brian. >> reporter: good morning, dave. as you can see behind me several of the cars coming in enjoying the lower tolls today as well as this weekend. but tolls will go up about $1 for most coarse and according to the toll authority, this increase is needed to keep up with the cost of maintaining it. if you do not have fast track, the toll will rise about $1 to $7. fast track users will pay about $1 less. about $6. if you are car pooling, the toll will be about $4. and after monday the toll increase will go up by 25 cents every year between july 1st of next year until the year 2018. according to the bridge officials, increase in toll will help keep up with projected costs. officials say they face a $142 million short fall. this increase will reduce that greatly according to officials.
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the toll increase is expected to raise $138 million of that. officials say that money will go toward bridge maintenance which officials estimate will cost $1.4 billion over the next ten years. as we take you back out here live, the commuters enjoying the lower tolls today for the last weekday as well as stared the weekend, this toll increase takes effect on monday. coming up in my next report i will tell you how commuters are saving money despite the toll increase. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. two armed men shot minutes apart. the new information about the suspects and the intense search that put others in danger. plus a major glitch for thousands of people hoping to become nurses in california. the new concerns it's causing for hospitals all overs state. >> good morning.
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right now traffic is effected by the wet weather. and it's also slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are hoping for improvement but right now at least a 25 minute drive time and coming up we will show you some drive times and some other key commutes. >> it's a good rainy friday morning. how about that? our system is definitely in place giving us some okay totals. bulldog: oh boy! every mattress at mattress discounters is so comfy! how could they get any better?
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happening now an elite rescue team in the bay area preparing to rescue a little girl who was stranded off the coast of mexico. at 8:00 this morning, a second cargo plane will leave moffett field for mexico. members of the 129th rescue wing are taking part in this operation. in the past they have assisted on missions such as fighting large wild fires. the story is a little one-year- old girl became severely ill while sailing with her family this week. their boat lost power and is now stranded 1,000 miles off the next con coast -- off the mexican coast. they sent two helicopters and the first cargo plane last night in open ocean four men pair shooted to the -- parachuted to the water to reach the little girl. we'll have a live report from moffett in just 30 minutes. our time is 6:15. three men have died in los
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angeles from bacterial meningitis. they were in their 30s, they were all gay, and two of them were hiv positive. they also socialized in north and west hollywood. they are telling gay men in those areas who at risk get vaccinated. eight people have been diagnosissed with back material meningitis so far this year. thousands of would-be nurses in california say a computer glitch is stopping them from being able to take their exam to become a nurse. so far 4,000 nursing school graduates have not been able to take the test since a new computer testing system was installed at the board of registered nurses in october. nursing school grads attended a town hall hearing in modesto complaining about the backlog. >> we can't work. we can't test. and it's ridiculous. >> representatives from the board of registered nurses says progress has been made in eliminating that backlog. the legal battle over the
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accreditation for city college of san francisco will two to court this fall. october 27th trial has been scheduled and it is expected to last five days. the outcome could determine the fate of the college which last summer was told it would lose its accreditation this july unless the school came in compliance with commission standers and eligibility requirements. now the college could be forced to close if it loses that accreditation. time is 6:17. in case you didn't know, it's raining, roads are wet. how is it looking, sal? >> well, you know, i think that this week, dave and pam, people are getting used to driving in the rain. we've had almost every day. not yesterday but almost every day some rain in the commute. and today it's raining out there. 24 westbound is moderately heavy. now one of the things that steve has been telling us i don't want to take the air out of his balloon let's just say this afternoon when you are driving home, you won't have to deal with the same conditions. he will expand on that as my
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rain brother. westbound bay bridge it is a 25- 30 minute drive time into san francisco. and the drive time i neglected to mention on 24 between pleasant hill and the caldecott only about eight minutes. 880 southbound from 238 at thorton avenue 12 minutes. we are still not looking that bad. as we look at the south bay some of the earlier problems we had had cleared up. now here he is steve. >> fellow rain brother. >> yes, sir. it has been a rainy week. forecast models, oops, kind of missed it. i did not think we would get a third of an inch of rain. that is what is falling by observations. our system is missed punching east though and parts of the bay area are cloudy. clear lake, lake county, and then parts of napa county. even to parts of solano county.
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not much though. could be very light. marin county it also looks likuta are about done with it. i'm standing right in front of it. martinez had a little built of a good cell there. highway 4 out to oakland and toward clayton. there has been pretty good rain east bay. and then in the san jose foothills it looks like things are really winding down. not much in the santa cruz mountains. there is still some rain from about san mateo, south san francisco but it looks like it will let up here. back up to oakland where a couple of cells have parked it. 40s and 50s on your temps. not moving at all in the temps. i think we will start to see that near the coast in here probably about 7:30, 8:00. 50s on your temps or 40s.
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still some higher clouds for saturday but then everything says sunshine and warmer temps by sunday, monday. rainfall projection not bad for some. it did forecast .45 for san francisco. a little off there should have put that there. 60s on the temps. 50s or 60s. kind of held down today due to this front coming by. but it's a compact front. mostly sunny higher clouds on saturday. and then three suns in a row and i think our first 80-degree temps will show up. >> don't forget you can get weather updates any time of the day by following steve paulson and the other meteorologists on social media. you can find them all on facebook and twitter. apple continuing its buying spree. the cupertino based company says it has acquired nivorus which is a speak are
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recognition software company. tech industry analysts say it will likely be used to improve the iphone siri feature. we checked the linked in page for the former nicsny very us. the big brown building the second tallest building in san francisco. >> time is 6:21. the white house not happy with a selfie taken by boston red sox player david ortiz and president obama. ortiz big papi took the photo with the president on tuesday when the red sox was honored at the white house for winning the 2013 world series. ortiz tweeted this photo thanking the president and
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calling it an honor but later samsung revealed this was all part of an ad campaign promoting samsung's new smart phone. a new image for bart. the new look that will hit the tracks in the year 2013 and why it's raising some concerns with bay area football fans. >> plus you've got to see this. a dramatic crash between a train and a car caught on camera. the risky thing this driver did that almost turned out to be deadly. [doorbell rings]
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brace yourself. two young kids, two adults lucky to be alive after a dramatic crash right there. houston, texas between a car and that train caught on camera. police say the driver tried to beat the train, went around the crossing gates, that is when the train smashed right into the car. incredible. would you believe everyone in the car survived? the driver did get a ticket for running a red light and for trying to go around that crossing gate. another unbelievable story as three-year-old girl diagnosissed with a rare eye condition because of a photo her mother posted on facebook. family friends noticed an unusual glow in riley taylor's
6:26 am
left eye. a doctor in tennessee diagnosissed riley with coats disease that can lead to blindness if it's not treated. >> she didn't sit close to the tv. she is actually in gymnastics. she can walk on the balance beam. there is no indication that there was any visual problems with the left eye. >> doctors say the little girl will still have vision in her left eye as long as she continues to get medical treatment. time 16:-- time is 6:26. steph fan curry is helping out the outbreak of malaria in africa. last summer steph curry visited a refugee camp in tanzania. he helped out in passing out 38,000 bed nets to those families that really needed them. the man in charge of the 49ers biggest rival could be
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the seattle head coach for a little longer. the sea hawks have called a news conference this morning after reports they reached a contact extension for their head coach pete carroll. pete carroll is a marin county native graduated from redwood high school. he reached the top of the nfl last season by leading the sea hawks to their first super bowl title. carroll's original five year deal was due to expire after the 2014 season. your time is 6:27. san francisco police officers on high alert right now. new threats aimed at the police department. and how it's being fueled by the shooting death of a city college student two weeks ago. >> we are live in oakland where a suspicious fire breaks out near a building childrens hospital owns. as you can see it's wet there and the drive time is
6:28 am
about 25-30 minutes waiting at the toll plaza too. we'll tell you more about drive times around the bay. >> friday morning rain impacting your morning commute. what about the afternoon commute? is this it?
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good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are look at the approach to richmond-san rafael bridge. it is wet out there. i just ducked outside our door, it's coming down in our parking lot. it's a wet friday morning. be careful in driving. there is another storm rolling through the bay area. steve all tell you about that. thank you for joining us here. friday, april 4th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. you always try to sneak out of here. just stretch your legs.
6:31 am
we're in here for a long time. >> some of us longer than others. [ laughter ] yes, we are. sometimes you do poke your head outside to see what is going on. some areas especially north bay expect for napa county much less than it was. this system is moving rapidly. maybe a few showers around. not much in marin county. it look loose like -- it looks like everything is quiet. and then berkeley, richmond, and also toward mt. diablo over to clayton and highway 4. also the altamont pass picking up some. that is pretty good rain for an hour and a half. danville letting up big time here from san jose to morgan hill and gilroy. but still some rain oakland wrapping back toward san mateo bridge, san francisco calming down. but not before we picked up before four tenth of an inch. 40s to low 50s. everyone is really close here.
6:32 am
this system though showing itself moving through pretty rapidly. we will see this rain ending pretty soon. 40s up in the mountains or 30s. no snow yet. 40s and 50s everywhere else. this system goes by and we will see afternoon sun. highs today mainly in the low 60s. here is sal. all right i want to throw out a reminder that both the athletics and warriors play tonight at the oakland coliseum arena. and that means it will be well a lot of traffic there. a lot of people on bart going to the same place. so put that in the back of your mind. let's take a look at the commute here. highway 4 westbound you can see traffic is busy coming up to the willow pass grade. it is backed up and the drive time taking about 25 minutes to drive from the antioch construction zone to concord and then you know that is about average. but maybe a little bit more than normal for a friday though. but it's raining. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. about a 30 minute drive time between the mccarthur maze and
6:33 am
the san francisco exits on the bridge. most of that time is spent waiting at the toll plaza. south bay right now northbound 101 and 280 are looking good. we had an earlier crash at the summit. you may see some slowing in the area. it's not exactly the best thing to do. it's kind of dicey but just slow down a little bit. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. it damaged a building owned by oakland's childrens hospital. the building is just a couple of blocks away from the hospital. ktvu tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30 this morning. you are back now and i'm hearing the pg&e crews are out there right now. >> actually they were out here. i'm not sure if they still are. we think they were probably most likely turning the power off. and if you take a look behind me you can see the area is quarantined off here. the fire broke out to the back of this building near the corner. flames broke out around 3:00
6:34 am
this morning. you can see the flames here. the building on the 600 block of 53rd avenue. this is right around the corner from children's hospital oakland. luckily no one was inside when the fire started. and this building actually houses offices for children. by the time the crews arrived the fire shot up the backside of the building. what is odd it broke out on the outside of the building where there is no electrical wiring. so investigators think that is suspicious. >> whenever we have a fire that starts early in the morning to a vacant building whether call arson tombing sure everything is investigated properly. >> reporter: the fire captain estimates about $150,000 damage to the building. children's hospital is not officially commenting but we are told that the people do work in these offices. so obviously they will have to work somewhere else until all
6:35 am
this can be repaired. we don't know the cause of this fire is officially arson. we won't know until a little later this morning. of course there is always the possibility a homeless person was trying to keep warm and it will a fire that got out of control. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. bond is set at $1 million for a sebastopol cub scout leader. a boy claims lee sexually abused him for almost four years before he turned 14. the alleged victim not a cub scout but his brother tells ktvu news that the family trusted lee and considered him a close friend. >> my entire family thought that he was a good hearted guy and he liked working with children and it's really disappointing. >> the boy scouts ejected lee after his arrest calling the child molestation charges rep
6:36 am
hencable. lee who has two stepchildren worked with boys ranging in age from 6-18. time 16:35. new information about the two armed suspects shot by police and federal agents in fairfield yesterday afternoon. authorities now identified them as 33-year-old corey davis of suisun city and 27-year-old markell davis of fairfield. we don't know if they are related. investigators say they were shot just 30 minutes apart on the same block of north texas street. the gunfire came after investigators with the federal task force tracked down the two attempted murder suspects. if that led to the two confrontations one of them outside of an apartment complex, the other behind a walmart store. police say they were forced to open fire when the suspects pulled out guns. both suspects survived the shootings but there is no word on their condition this morning. no police officers or federal agents were hurt. san francisco police are on high alert this morning after
6:37 am
getting death threats against the police department. connected to the deadly shooting two weeks ago of a student at city college. the examiner reports police received an anonymous phone call threatening police retaliation. it turned out to be a taser. the examiner reports nieto's death is the 33rd police decide connected death since 2000. the district attorneys office is leading the investigation into a suspended concord police officer who was facing possible drug charges. officer matthew switzer is a member of the department's canine unit. he's accused of illegally obtaining prescription drugs from senior citizens. investigators stress the charges against the officer are still pending. but he has been on paid leave since february due to the ongoing investigation. a minoret quake rattled nerves but left behind no
6:38 am
damage in napa county. that quake measured 3.6. it hit just after 9:00 last night. centered about six miles east of yountville but it was felt as far away as mill valley. no reports of any after shocks in the area this morning. nine candidates for mayor of oakland including the current mayor jean quan they squared off in their first major debate. >> now the focus of last nights debate was the crime problem in oakland. mayor jean quan defended her efforts to battle rampant crime in oakland. >> i want you to know that every crime in this city is unacceptable and personal to me. >> there are 15 candidates challenging quan for the mayor's seat in november. if you will be crossing the golden gate bridge today or
6:39 am
over the weekend enjoy it because monday that toll is going up. brian flores at the toll plaza with the reason the bridge district says the toll hike is necessary. brian. >> hi, pam. good morning to you. many of the commuters as you mentioned today as well as through the weekend for the next 72 hours will be taking advantage of the toll now. that will be the case for most cars. this increase is needed to keep up with maintenance. so here's what you immediate to know before monday. the tolls will go up on monday making the bridge the most expensive to cross in the bay area. if you do not have fast track, it might be a good time to get it. the toll will rise $1 to $7. they pay $1 less. after monday's toll increase the toll will go up by 25 cents every year between july 1st of next year until the year 201. according to the bridge officials, the toll increase will help keep up with projected costs. officials with the bridge
6:40 am
district say they face a $142 million short fall in the next five years and the toll increase will reduce that greatly. the toll increase is expected to raise $138 million. district officials say that money will go toward things like bridge maintenance which will cost about $1.4 billion over the next ten years and public transportation. own then money will also go toward improving doyle drive. now here are ways to save money again. if you don't have fast track now is a good time to get it. obviously you will be saving $1 by doing that. many of these drivers probably car pooling this morning. again it's $4 to cross the bridge if you go that route. public transportation as well to save money. and then if you are brave enough you can bike or walk across the bridge. of course that is free. while some people may be complaining that the bridge toll is going up $1 it hails in comparison to others across the country. coming up we will talk a little bit about that during mornings
6:41 am
on 2. live in san francisco brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:40. boy, it was a late night at oakland coliseum but thanks to cocoa crisp the oakland a's are opening up their series against the mariners with a strong start. oh yeah he got all of that. cocoa crisp opened up the 12th inning with his 109th career home run and the a's won 3-2 and after the game there is josh reddick he sneaked up and said hi. and then he drenched him with ice water after that more than four hour game. >> san francisco giants wrapped up their road trip. in the first inning brandon bilk hit that solo home run. giants will go back down in the seventh inning but in the
6:42 am
eighth angel pagan a three run homer. giants one 8-5. the giants head to los angeles today for a three-game series against the dodgers. an early morning fire at offices for children's hospital in oakland sparked suspicion. the reason fire investigators say flames may have been intentionally set. >> plus a daring mission to rescue a very sick one-year-old girl. we will tell you how moffett field is involved. >> good morning. traffic is going to be busy. i would say that it's raining now but this afternoon's commute will be better. steve will explain. we will give you drive times for the key bay area routes. >> this afternoon will be much better. this morning is a little tough for some. no doubt about it we will have rain totals to show you.
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6:45 am
members of the california air national guard from moffett field are with her on the boat right now. ktvu janine de la vega has been following this story from
6:46 am
moffett field. janine. >> reporter: right now the crew from the 129th rescue wing is getting ready. they know a baby on board a boat greatly needs medical care. the rescuing will help the family. that is in the pacific ocean 900 knot call miles off the coast of mexico. at 8:00 this morning an mc130p aircraft will depart moffett field with the crew with the air national guard to join the rescue mission. another aircraft like it is already out there. last night four of its rescue men broke into the ocean by parachute and boarded the boat. they reported the parents are on board with another subling and their boat does not -- sibling and their boat does not have power. we do have video from a
6:47 am
previous mission. they have been well trained and prepared for this mission. they have helped saved the lives for more than 1,000 people. the plan is to have pave hawk helicopters go out to the location. the crews will host the baby into it and take her to a medical facility. the aircraft that is leaving this morning from moffett will be in charge of refueling those helicopters. as you can see, there are national guard crews getting ready preparing the aircraft for this mission. we hope to talk to some of them before they leave and we'll be here as the aircraft departs. reporting live from moffett field janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:47. crews out there searching for the missing malaysian airlines flight. they have started the under water search for the planes black boxes. australian ship has lowered that u.s. ping detector there into the with ther.
6:48 am
it's designed to pick up the pings from the data recorders. however, the battery operated blacks ofs only send off the pings for 30 days after a crash so the time is running out. in the meantime crews from eight countries are still searching in planes and ships above the water. bart is giving riders a chance to test out its new fleet of cars. even before they roll out in 2017. i want to show you video from bart. this is what the trains will look like. among the features the trains will be quieter. the seats will be covered in wipable fabric. crews are now in the process of removing steal beams piece by piece from the cant lever section. we are told it will be a few
6:49 am
weeks before you will be able to look straight through the gap on the old bridge. the demolition happening is roughly the reverse order of how the span was built 77 years ago. time is 6:48. let's check in with tori campbell see what is coming up on mornings on 2. good morning, tori. >> reporter: good morning, dave and pam. coming up a roanoke park man is in hot water. first he got a traffic violation but it's what he did afterward in the manger of a sheep field that has really gotten him in trouble with the law. former formula one world champion michael schumacher has been in a medically induced coma. what he is doing now that is finally of iing a glimmer of -- finally offering a glimmer of hope. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. it is 6:49. i want to check back in with sal. still raining in some parts of the bay area. >> it is.
6:50 am
yeah. and the rain obviously does not make for optimal driving. you will be fine if you just slow down and realize that stopping distances are not what they ought to be. or what they normally are. this is highway 4 westbound as you come up to the willow pass grade. the drive time here is about 30 minutes or so. most of that sitting in stop and go traffic. a little less than that. it is not a great commute right now because of the wet weather. and this morning's drive at the bay bridge toll plaza 35 minutes if you're at the very end of the line. and that includes your time at the toll plaza and your time on the bridge. so that is your drive time there. 880 northbound there was a crash and traffic is backing up into downtown oakland. westbound 580 the crash we had near 24 was cleared to the freeway. 6:50 let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. very good morning. cloudy. rainy. lots of comments.
6:51 am
i love the sound of this rain when i wake up to it. and there has been a bunch more as well. see we didn't get that chance because we get up really early. here goes our system that is moving through. let's give it create. it held together and some of the rain totals were not too bad. buena vista park had over four tenth of an inch. alameda quarter of an inch. couple showers west of clover dale and healdsburg. oakland is getting pretty good rain.
6:52 am
east bay had has some steady rain. san francisco a couple little breaks now. it looks like just holding on. a little bit toward the peninsula. 40s and 50s on the temps. and this system will be out of here about 7:30 i would think. most of it would be done as it moves rapidly east. it's still holding together. morning rain, afternoon sun. a little cooler today. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. after today there will be a lot of high clouds on saturday. everything is on tap for a high weekend. i will sew you that right mow. high clouds on saturday and then warmer upper 70s on sunday. if we don't hit 80 on sunday it looks like inland areas will on monday. 6:52 is the time. what set him off. we now know the gunman in the fort hood shooting was involved in an argument right before the
6:53 am
shooting. the new clues into what may have prompted that new shooting. giving tech experts a little run for his money. he is responsible for a security change in the x-box one system. bulldog: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money
6:54 am
to train service dogs for people with disabilities. we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
6:56 am
u.s. employers added 192,000 new jobs last month. but that is fewer than most economists expected. restaurants and bars did show the strongest growth. the jobless rate remains 6.7% but the report does show a half a million americans started looking for work last month. most of them found one. e cigarettes being seen as a hazard for children. poison control centers around the country report a huge jump in the number of emergency calls connected to e-cigarettes and that includes 147 calls in california and slightly more than a year. experts say children are attracted to the fruit flavorredly kid but a gulp of liquid nicotine could kill a child or an adult. a boy in san diego had given microsoft tech experts a run for their money. little christopher he discovered a flaw in the security system in the new x-
6:57 am
box one. one day his dad saw the little boy was playing games he wasn't supposed to by logging into his x-box live account. he unlocked the password by typing the space keys and then hitting enter. >> i gotten all this. he was going to find out. >> what was your first reaction? >> how awesome is that? >> microsoft has come up with a fix to even acknowledge look chris -- they even acknowledged christopher on their website. they rewarding christopher with four games, $50, and yearlong subscription to x-box live. a little girl is waiting to see if her favorite san francisco 49er will come to her birthday party later this month. she sent patrick willis is a personal letter and birthday invitation. her aunt sent us photo of elizabeth with the invitation
6:58 am
and reads dear patrick willis i'm your biggest fan i'm having a birthday party on april 26th, it's going to be a frozen party and you are invited. he posted the photo on his facebook page and instagram and said best invitation ever. thank you elizabeth my soon to be seven-year-old friend. coming up on mornings on 2 rain is once again messing with this morning's commute. meteorologist steve paulson is on it. he fired up ktvu storm tracker 2. he will tell us where and when to expect the heaviest downpour. >> plus was it set on purpose? the fire this morning at the offices for children's hospital is suspicious. zñzñzñtgtgçwoç'c'cz
6:59 am
7:00 am
. we're live in oakland where a suspicious fire breaks out near children's hospital. we'll tell you the connection to the hospital. we just spoke to a hospital person. he tells us exactly who will be impacted today. friday morning rain. it's been an active week. we're ending the week with rain. what about the weekend, can we clear this


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